Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Robert Trivers tells how his suspension came about

Bob has gone online at with his view on his suspension case. He speaks out what everybody following the happenings at Rutgers anthropology also suspected. It might be a case of retaliation against an honest whistle blower.

Bob has not only blown the whistle against a fraud amongst his students, but also criticized the university administration for its behavior in this case, trying to sweep it under the rug.

Read Bob's account and try to support him via twitter, blogs etc.:

"According to Dr Trivers:

On October 8 (2013) Rutgers unilaterally dismissed Dr Amy Jacobson from teaching her signature course on Human Aggression, scheduled for the spring of 2014, a course it had begged her to teach 4 months earlier. Two days later they assigned the course to me, who had never taught such a course before.

 Why? I know a thimble full as much on human aggression as does Dr Jacobson while she receives a spoon full of my salary. I would be forced to divert my mind from what I was intending to concentrate on—solely in order to try to master something that she already knew. If I refused, my salary and job could be seized—for insubordination!"

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