Monday, 16 April 2018

If-by-whiskey... no true scotsman... assume a can opener

A man uses the search and setting options of google, in order to search for specific phrases within specific time-ranges. That is, he sets "search terms" in quotation marks telling google thus to search for the exact phrase, and he chooses a custom time-range from the tools settings. He then claims that he has thereby "invented" a new research method and that google does not want its users to use its search engine in that way. Try doing such a search with any other search engine and you will experience what it is like, if the designers did not mean to build an engine with which digitized books can be searched within customized time-ranges.

It's simply impossible!!!

Nevertheless, our man wants priority rights for having invented a new research method, when in fact, John J. McKay has used the very same method years earlier, in 2009, in order to trace a mammoth literary myth back to its roots. That means that our man is not the first to have invented anything new, but only the first to be foolhardy enough to do the equivalent of claiming that using the lights of a car for searching in the dark off-road is a new invention.